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                                                                      Ellis County Sheriff's Officer's Association
"You have shown to be a strong advocate for the employees of the Sheriff's Office and our association members, and we believe you continue to be the right choice for Ellis County. We deeply appreciate your service and dedication to local law enforcement. We look forward to working with you in the future."

                                                                                     Gun Owners of America
"Paul, I am delighted to endorse your campaign again. Thank you for your willingness to uphold the Constitution." 
                                                                                                   ~Larry Pratt, Executive Director Emeritus, GOA

"Paul Perry is a man of his word. He said that he’d oppose new taxes and the tax rate has remained the same since he took office in 2013. Paul also promised more government transparency. Citizens can now address the court on each topic at the time the topic is discussed by Commissioners instead of only at the beginning of the court meeting. The new audio and video system in the courthouse also improves government transparency. I hope my friends will join me in supporting Ellis County Commissioner Paul Perry for re-election.”

~Cathie Adams, President of Texas Eagle Forum,
former Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas

 “My friend Paul Perry is a solid grassroots conservative and a longtime advocate for the taxpayers and property owners.”
~Tom Pauken, former Reagan White House official,
   former Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas

“I take this opportunity to enthusiastically endorse Paul D. Perry in his re-election as being County Commissioner of Precinct 3, Ellis County, Texas.  I've known Paul for quite some time.  It's not often We the People get to elect a true conservative to office, especially an office that has the responsibility that County Commissioners do. Paul D. Perry takes his job being County Commissioner seriously. Paul D. Perry does his job admirably.”  ~Jimmie D. Kerr, past State Republican Executive Committeeman, SD22

Texas Home School Coalition

Rep. Jonathan Stickland

Commissioner Perry's supporters also include (partial list):

Dan & Cathy Altman, Midlothian                        JB & Paula Anz, Waxahachie
Layne & Melissa Ballard, Waxahachie                             
Dan Baucum, Midlothian
Stan & Hon. Paula Baucum, Midlothian                                    Elmerine Bell, Italy
Randy & Linda Bellomy, Ovilla                            John Bielamowicz, Waxahachie
Gary & Sondra Bennett, Ennis                     
Kristina Blake, Midlothian
Rick Bottorff, Midlothian                           Harlan & Linda Bounds, Oak Leaf
Bert & Janet Calvert, Midlothian                     
Ronnie Clanton, Midlothian
Cowboy Collier, Waxahachie                         
Noel & Mariah Coward, Maypear
Kevin Scott Crouch, Waxahachie                     
Steve & Leisha Crowe, Waxahachie
Tim & Vannessa Dash, Waxahachie                       Brad &Elizabeth Davis, Waxahachie
Rick Davis, Midlothian                                                 
San Davis, Italy
Ken & Ann Earhart, Midlothian                  Dave Eder, Waxahachie
Brent & Cathy Edminster, Midlothian                 
TJ & Ashley Fabby, Waxahachie
Jon & Hallie Few, Midlothian                     Dr. Kelly & Dr. Mary Beth Felty, Waxahachie
Patrick Flynn, Midlothian                                      Joe Gallo, Waxahachie
Byron Gentry, Waxahachie                          
Perry Giles, Waxahachie
Sal Gonzales, Ellis County                        Jack Griffith, Maypearl
Mark Griffith, Waxahachie                                         Duff Hale, Midlothian
Clint & Heather Hardin, Waxahachie                         
Fred Hekking, Waxahachie
Marty Hiles, Waxahachie                      
Hon. James & Joyce Hobbs, Italy                        David Hudgins, Waxahachie
Jimmy & Ann Hyles, Italy                                             Ronnie Hyles, Italy
Tom Hoffmann, Waxahachie                                          Hon. Frank Jackson, Italy
Jason Kyle, Midlothian                                      Keith Lennon, Midlothian
Hon. Joyce Liptak, Oak Leaf                                Dan Lobb, Waxahachie                            Marshall Lott, Midlothian
Ken Lundberg, Midlothian                               Gregg Lundberg, Midlothian
Julissa Martinez, Waxahachie                               Kevin & Jennifer McDonnell, Midlothian
Allan McKeever, Midlothian                                       Kevin Melton, Maypearl
Tim Michael, Italy                                  Dr. 
Hank & Patricia Miller, Midlothian
Trey Moon, Maypearl                                   
Hon. Adele Mooney, Maypearl
Mike Moore, Maypearl                                       Craig Monk, Waxahachie
Becky Morgan, Italy                                            Georgia Morgan, Italy
Arthur Nahatis, Midlothian                                 Ron Naizer, Midlothian
Wayne Nance, Midlothian                   Mike Navarro, Waxahachie                Brad Norman, Midlothian
Richard Norman, Midlothian                                      Jim Norris, Midlothian
Jimmy Poarch, Waxahachie                            Jim & Julie Phillips, Midlothian
Louis & Kathy Ponder, Midlothian                        Patrick & Joanne Porritt, Midlothian
Richard Raymond, Midlothian                              
Bill Redding, Midlothian
Richard & Tammy Reno, Midlothian                         Richard & Karen Rozier, Midlothian
Refel Rushing, Italy                                              
Tony Sanders, Midlothian
Bill & Ann Sayegh, Waxahachie                               Alex Schindler, Waxahachie
Mark Singleton, Waxahachie                             
Dennis & Teresa Smart, Midlothian
Alex & Cathy Smith, Waxahachie                           Fred & Carol Smith, Midlothian
Joe Smith, Waxahachie                                          Stephanie Stetson, Midlothian
Eric Thompson, Midlothian                                          Laurie Trees, Midlothian
Corry & Cindy Turley, Midlothian                                           
Bill Vansyckle, Midlothian
Alan Van Zandt, Midlothian                                                    Dale Wadsworth, Midlothian
Rev. Gary Wadsworth, Waxahachie                               Jack Walker, Waxahachie

Carl & Maybelle Watson, Waxahachie                      Phil Weaver, Midlothian
Sandy Westbrook, Italy                         Ron Wegscheid, Ovilla                Myron & Karen Werkmeister, Waxahachie
Mike White, Waxahachie                                                        Frances Whitener, Italy
Hon. Jamie Wickliffe, Midlothian                            Dave & Jane Wilemon, Maypearl
Hon. Greg & Monica Wilhelm, Midlothian                                    
Dirk Younts, Midlothian